Und noch einer sperrt seine Artikel im Flightsimstore

  • Dear FS Global User and The FlightSim Store Customer!

    While the circumstances of how you were treated as a customer at The FlightSim Store are

    beyond our control, we of course understand that not being able to access the FS Global

    2018 or FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation software you purchased from The FlightSim

    Store must be incredibly frustrating.

    We too have not received any payment from The FlightSim Store for many months for any of

    our products that were sold to customers like you, your frustration is familiar to us.

    Purchase Recovery & Compensation


    So here we are, you’ve purchased PILOT’S software from The FlightSim Store, and your

    purchasing funds were never passed onto us at PILOT’S, and to make matters worse, you’ve

    now also lost any ability to access and download your FS Global 2018 or FS Global Ultimate

    – Next Generation software you purchased from The FlightSim Store.

    Of course we would like you to continue to be able to enjoy your PILOT’S software, and so

    we’ve put together the following offer, which, for a small fee, will transfer your purchase from

    The FlightSim Store to Simmarket. Please note, that you will have the ability to recover this

    transfer fee, which was set in place to cover the download bandwidth and transaction

    handling, through a coupon discount that we’ve put in place.

    How does it work?


    Follow the this link to access your product at the Simmarket store.


    Proceed as if you would be purchasing the full price product. You must use the same email

    address you used when you originally made your purchase at The FlightSim Store! If you do

    not have access to this same email address anymore, please contact us at PILOT’S via

    email BEFORE your Simmarket transfer purchase.

    At checkout use the following coupon code


    This code will reduce the total price to net. EUR 16,--. As mentioned before, this small

    transfer fee is a requirement from the new store to host the purchase you made at The

    FlightSim Store and covers the download bandwidth and transaction handling.

    This code is valid only once and in connection with your email address. It can not be used by

    any other person than you.

    VERY IMPORTANT: If you fail to use the coupon code and pay the full price instead, we

    CANNOT refund the difference! So please MAKE 100% SURE that you use the coupon code

    at checkout! If you have any questions or difficulties with the transfer transaction, please

    contact us BEFORE completing the transfer purchase!

    After the transfer purchase is complete, you will be able to immediately download and use

    the PILOT’S product you initially purchased from The FlightSim Store. Please note that you

    will also receive a new serial key and you will need to use this new serial key from that

    moment onwards. The serial key from your original purchase at The FlightSim Store will be

    revoked and invalid.

    This offer expires on 15 January 2019, ACT NOW as afterwards your purchase from The

    FlightSim Store will not be transferable to Simmarket!

    Recover the transfer fee via additional Coupon Discount


    Once we have received your transfer purchase notification from Simmarket, we will send you

    another coupon code with a value of EUR 18,-- for use on any product at our own store at

    http://www.fsim.net. Please allow 72h for delivery.

    We thank you for your patronage and continuing support of PILOT'S. This is much

    appreciated and helps us to create more and even better products for current and upcoming

    flight simulators.

    Thank you!

    Stefan Schaefer

    PILOT'S GesmbH


  • Ok stand ich auf dem Schlauch. Ja war ne geile Nummer. War dabei meinen NAS neu zu machen und habe alle Daten auf den 2 NAS kopiert der eigentlich als Backup für das erste da ist. War also kurzzeitig nur das Backup dann da.... Und wann geht die Festplatte kaputt ....genau dann.

    Sind alle Daten weg. Bei fast allen Sachen ist es egal, da man sie sich ja in den Shops neu runterladen kann, aber so wie jetzt dass der FSS Store die Downlaods nicht mehr anbietet und der Hersteller fürs erneute Downloaden Geld will, ist natürlich Prima. Auch die Szenerien von Rainer muss ich neu runterladen. Kostet ja alles Traffic der nicht nötig ist. Aber dann gibt es mal wieder einen kleinen PayPal Schub ;-)

    Hab sowieso noch etliche Fragen zu den Simulatoren, aber wenn ich mich hier so umschaue, sehe ich fast nur noch Fragen von mir ;-)